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Attention Serious Golfers: The revolutionary blueprint to get you playing like the pros is ready for you!!

BEWARE: Keep reading ONLY IF you want to reach your full golf potential and be the best player regardless of who you’re up against!

ANDFor the First Time Ever, You Get the Unique Opportunity to Learn How to Fix Your Swing and Hit Ridiculously Accurate Shots by Using Incredibly Easy Exercises and Stretches, Anyone Can Do!

Dear fellow golfer,

How frustrating is it to try everything imaginable to lower your golf score, yet continue to fail miserably?Golf Body

Isn’t it agonizing when your golf game seems to be improving tremendously in one round, but then it falls apart in the next round?

Are you spending countless hours trying to figure out how to improve your swing, yet you don’t seem to be seeing any results?

The good news is…you’ve come to the right place. I can change all of that for you in just a few minutes, as I have done for 106,000 other golfers just like you, in more than 27 countries.

Who Is Susan Hill?

My name is Susan Hill, and I’m a nationally certified golf fitness expert and past President and Founder of I’m also a fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, golf biomechanic, youth conditioning specialist and golf flexibility expert.

I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to write for Golf IllustratedResort Living and the Junior Golf Scoreboard, and I’ve also published 8 best-selling books on golf.

You may have seen some of my work in Atlanta Golfer, SELF magazine, GolfersMd, or a number of other golf related magazines and websites.

You have probably heard me share my wisdom on achieving peak performance in golf in my interviews with ESPN or as a host of my own internet radio show dedicated to golf fitness.

Because of my unparalleled expertise, I was invited to work on the LPGA tour with Jill McGill and Allison Hannah, and oversaw the fitness program at the International Junior Golf Academy. I have also consulted with top college teams including UCLA.

So, I think it’s fair to say that I know a little about golf performance.


Golf Body

Top Golfers and Instructors All Work Together-For the Best Results



Golf BodyHere I am in this photo along with a famous putting instructor, Mike Shannon from Sea Island, Georgia, and PGA and LPGA golf instructor, Gary Gilchrist from the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academies. We had this photo taken in Bogota, Columbia where we presented and worked with the South American Golf Federation. We presented alongside the ‘local’ and international superstar Camilo Villegas from the PGA Tour.

I’m honored to be a full-time golf training professional for players on tour, and to also train competitive juniors, collegiate golf teams, recreational players and competitive golfers of all levels.

My real passion, and the force that drives me is in helping millions of golfers like you dramatically improve their golf game by revealing the insider secrets that most pros won’t tell you either because they don’t know or they are too busy working on tour with some of the world’s best players.


Golfers trust me, and they recognize they will never get to the top of their golf game on their own


Just because you can’t reach your full golfing potential on your own doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of your hard-earned cash on a “local pro golf coach,” when you can get the same (and possibly better) results for 0.03% of the cost.

I’m thirsty for new research and information on increasing golf performance. So I buy every single golfing product that I can get my hands on. While some of the other golf products do contain some useful information. None of them quite share the deep knowledge that I’ve gained from studying the powerful connection between your body and golf performance.

Worst yet, some of the advice the other so-called “golf mastery” products give will actually set you up for failure.  By giving you injuries that will be a detriment to your golf performance.

Reading a few articles in golf magazines won’t set you up for the fast success you desire.

Play Golf At Your Peak Performance


Discover the PROVEN #1 Secret to INSTANTLY Improving Your Swing and Hit More Explosive Shot. I’ve literally worked with thousands of golfer. I’ve heard hundreds of the bogus myths that are out there when it comes to improving your game.

Golf BodyThe truth is…the pros achieve outstanding results because they use fitness and nutrition programs designed specifically for the game of golf.

Sadly, there are many untruths being told about how to get in shape for golf. In fact, few people even understand the real connection between your body and your swing and how to prepare it for a lifetime of play.  And, not just to play golf, BUT playing golf at peak performance.


You Need a Breakthrough Golf-Specific Program to Get You Results, Fast


The #1 thing competitive and tour golfers have in common is that they ALL engage in golf fitness.

Tour golfers wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t understand the vital connection between their level of fitness and their swing.

Just take a look at the living legend, Gary Playe. He is otherwise known as the Black Knight. Gary won nine major championships on the regular tour and six Champions Tour major championship victories. If that’s not enough to impress you, he also won three Senior British Open Championships on the European Senior Tour. He’s 80, and he’s still unstoppable.

Want to know his secret?

Gary trains extensively using golf-specific workout routines which give him those long and straight drives that you crave.

Still not convinced?

Your Not Playing At Your True potential

Tough crowd…Golf Body

Take a look at Greg Norman, a 61-year old previous golf champ who is the self-entitled pioneer of golf fitness. Greg trains with cutting-edge workout routines specifically designed for golf. In an interview, he snarled, “I’m appalled by people who don’t look after their bodies.” Are you one of those people?

I’m bursting at the seams with all of the examples of pros who train in golf fitness. I could talk about this with you for hours.

Let’s take a look at Tiger Woods, shall we? He was ranked number one in the official world golf ranking for many years. And is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Finally, he broke a number of golf records. And, how do you think he is planning his comeback after back surgery? Surprise, surprise, he trains using a specific golf practice routine.

And don’t leave out the young guns! Want to know why Jason Day (The Player’s Championship winner) enjoys golf fitness? He was sick and tired of getting injured.

All secrets of success are visible.

As you can see, it’s no secret that you’re not playing at your true potential because you simply don’t yet have the tools to give your body what it needs physically and nutritionally to consistently play an exceptional game of golf.

I’ve spent the past 10 years studying professional golfers. And training serious golfers for competitive play. Competitive and tour golfers aren’t any different than you.


Here’s what all golfers are looking for…(yes, even tour players)

Golf Body
Increase drive distance by 15 to 20 yards or more. Although many would be happy with an additional 10 yards. (just ask a tour player how important a few more yards would be to their game)
Golf Body
Increase energy levels so they feel refreshed and ready for the back nine. Some even wanted to finish with more energy than when they started! (ever been in a situation where it was hotter than expected, playing time was longer than expected?)
Golf Body
A lean, strong and flexible body to ensure powerfully maximize every shot and feel so hot they’re on fire.
Golf body

The edge in their golf game so they can be fierce competition for even the most serious golfers. Because there will always be another level of competition. How are you staying prepared?

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