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Want to Spend Your Days Becoming the Best You Can Be? 

Ready to Transform Your Prosperity Consciousness and Coach Others to Create an AMAZING Future AND be Paid Abundantly to Do So?

If you answered Yes – your spirit will soar as you read these words. Discover how your life will change forever. Hi, my name is Sandy Forster and I’ve transformed my life and thousands of others by using these exact principles. I became an accredited Coach back in 2001. I quickly created a wonderfully fulfilling and successful coaching business by combining the Law of Attraction with masterful practical strategies and prosperity consciousness processes. I’ve coached people from all around the world helping them to create a life they love. I want to continue to transform as many lives as possible. I simply can’t do it all myself.

So in 2008 I founded the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. Now I train people from around the world who are motivated and inspired to become certified Law of Attraction coaches. We’ve trained thousands of coaches in over 25 countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Ecuador, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, South Africa, Poland and Romania. If your spirit is calling you to be part of this world-wide transformation – teaching others to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives. Create success in whatever area you desire. in doing so achieve your own success. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Spirit Coaching

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Your life will transform as your go through your training

in order to coach others you will learn, apply and live the Law of Attraction in your own life. You transform your money story into a strong prosperity consciousness. So you will  begin to see and experience greater abundance in your own life.

Millionaire Mindset Program & Body, Mind, Spirit Bliss; Preparing for Your Success. As soon as you register, you’ll have instant access to the Coaches Only Members area.  We invite you to start going through to your first bonuses in your Orientation Package:

The Spirit Coaching Millionaire Mindset Mentoring Program 12 Module audio program.

Dive into this powerful prosperity program. You can begin to transform the way you think about abundance. You will become more magnetic to money immediately. This will enable you to be ready and open to creating a successful coaching business. It will enhance your prosperity starting immediately. You’ll also have access to Body, Mind, Spirit Bliss; Preparing for Your Success.  It will enable you to simplify your life, let go of what’s not serving you and make room for creating true success in every area of life. Sometimes trying to cram more into your life actually repels the succes you’re seeking. Discover how easy it is to Prepare for Your Success so it’s attracted to you!

Now you have the foundational skills as an Inspired Spirit Coach. You’ll learn my proven formula for business success as a spiritual coach. Rather than spend many years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to make a profit from coaching. I hit the ground running with the secrets that enabled me to create millions since I became a coach. You will not only learn how to implement this system in your own business. We’ll set it up your website for you to ensure you’re ready to earn money fast. We know how much of a difference this system will make to your coaching business. We want to ensure your success.

Please note: As an ISCA coach, you’ll learn everything you need to create a successful and fulfilling coaching business.Although results vary depending on the time and effort you personally put in. However we believe we offer the most comprehensive coach training and business program in the world. I confidently stand behind your success.

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