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cosmeticsI’ve always loved makeup. As a little girl, I’d sit and watch, fascinated, as my mom applied bright red polish on her nails. Then, I’d beg her to do mine as well. She’d take my hands, and, gently, paint my nails a soft pink shade (red was too much for a child, she said). That was all of the cosmetic essentials I was allowed to wear. So, I’d buy the kid’s kind and paint my dolls’ faces instead. It was so much fun. Until I decided to take it off. I don’t remember what I used that first time, but half Camilla’s face came off, together with her makeup! Poor dolly! Next time, I was a lot more careful. Back then, makeup seemed magical. The way it can transform a face and enhance your best features had something otherworldly about it. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to wear it. When I finally did, I felt so grown-up.

Now that I’m much older and wiser, I’m still as much in love with makeup as ever. There are so many reasons why. Here they are:

Happy? Crazy-colored eyeshadow or bright fuchsia lips. Professional? No-makeup makeup look. And if I feel like all these things in one day, I can change my look accordingly. Makeup has the power to transform a face and let the whole world know who you are. How amazing is that?

I love makeup! I always have and always will. Here’s why you should too:

1. Joy from new products

There’s this overwhelming sense of joy felt when opening a brand new blush, using a new lipstick for the first time or starting up a new tube of mascara. It’s nice to be able to see something so nice, and sometimes luxurious, if it’s from a high-end brand, and to be able to buy it for yourself.

2. Confidence

Makeup is something I know I’m good at. Applying it is a skill I have acquired through wearing makeup since I was 13-years-old. When I can apply a bomb cat eye and a bold lip, I feel good about myself.

3. Bonding

There’s nothing better than instantly clicking with someone and having so much to talk about. Talking to other people about makeup is great. It’s always fun to share what your holy grail product is, and to find out what other people’s favorite products are.

4. It highlights what you already have.

Makeup is not about people lying about the way they look. Let me repeat myself: makeup is not people lying to the world about how they look. Makeup is art and you are a canvas, but makeup enhances the canvas – it doesn’t change it. I wear gold eyeshadow to make my brown eyes pop. Then I fill in my eyebrows because eyebrows frame my face. I wear eyeliner and mascara to enhance my eyes and emphasize their almond shape. None of these products actually change anything about my face, it’s just enhancing what I already have.

5. It’s for me.

Contrary to popular belief, I wear makeup for myself. It’s something I love and enjoy doing. Putting on makeup is sometimes the one time a day when I get to do something selfish for myself. Between classwork, classes themselves, meetings, and other clubs I’m involved with, I don’t always have the time to devote to something I love. Putting on my makeup is something I do for myself every day.

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